GM- Independent Dealer, less than 50 cars, Scotland
11th November 2020

We are so glad you do our page! We couldn't do any of this stuff

Best money we've spent in a long time! We hardly have to do anything now... only chat to Mel now and then, to approve stuff and send her the new content and they sort the rest out for us. Our response time has dropped from 1 hour and 15 minutes to 12 minutes! Dad used to take ages to respond haha. We've definitely been selling way more since we let motor socials run our accounts, I mean we had 5 people come and see us to sell us their car, last month! The report they provided us said we sold 3 cars from it in October, but I think that only accounts for the ones that came directly from the enquiries they handled for us, as we had loads more people enquiring everywhere else as well. Everyone has been asking us about our social media and they wouldn't believe us when I told them it was me! I've already recommended it to a few dealer friends and I'm sure there will be many more to come! Cheers for helping us grow! The Macfadyen's