MA - Peterborough - Mercedes-Benz Specialist Workshop
8th February 2021

It often feels like she is one of our staff.

We are extremely pleased with the decision we made to contract our social media to Motor Socials. As an independent car & heavy commercial garage we are different to most garages out there and the type of work and customers vary so much. Motor Socials took on our social media and dedicated Sophie our account manager to us. She has been amazing. She’s very easy to work with, enthusiastic and passionate about what she does and what we do. It often feels like she is one of our staff. We’ve had comments from other people and businesses regarding our social media, how good It looks and how great the content is. Sophie and the team really understand social media for the motor industry and always keep the communication going with us, including sending reports, phone calls and emails. So far we couldn’t be more delighted with what Motor Socials do for us.