Gemma - Marketing Manager - Large Franchise Group
31st May 2022

A welcome, and valuable, extension to our business

The team at Motor Socials have exceeded our expectations. Since engaging them to run all of our social media (for all brands across our group) the results have been phenomenal. Their creativity, knowledge and hard work has really rocketed our social media, plus taken the pressure off by managing it all for us. They always have great new ideas to share and put in place, along with their communication with myself and our dealers, they’ve really become a welcomed extension of our business. Heidi, Megan & Chiara are not afraid to say no to what won’t work, offer their suggestions as to what will, and this is exactly what we need. Our enquiries are managed 7 days a week and our community is engaged. Our results say it all (traffic to our website, brand reach, enquiries etc) here’s to more of the same! Thank you so much!